Email GIFs, setting you apart from the crowded inbox_


Email footers, a brand asset which you may think has always been compulsory…think again! An email signature (as they’re better known) used to consist of contact information. However, this simple tiny detail now plays a significant role towards a consistent corporate identity.

Stand out from the crowded inbox 

Think about your marketing communications, what branding elements of yours has as much one-to-one exposure with a potential / current customer than your email signature? Our guess, not many. An email footer contains not only your business name but; company logo, brand colours, name, position, address, contact information…and is a fabulous free marketing tool. With that in mind, does your email footer grab your target audience’s attention? Does it give a fair representation of what your company stands for? Out of the hundreds of emails, you receive a day, would your signature make you stop to read your email in a cluttered inbox? If not, fear not, the fabulous folk at Cloud Ten are here to share with you our story and our solutions.

You only get 3 seconds to make a first impression, and with the future of content marketing gravitating towards video, we believe static imagery is set to become outdated [1]. This fuelled our marketing and creative energy into developing an email signature which reflects our bubbly personality and design capabilities.

Team Sign Offs

Our Design

Creating eye-catching, kinetic design does not mean throwing all of the movement and flashing images into one saturated clip. Especially if this will be on a loop, distracting the recipient from your carefully planned out email. Cloud Ten have embraced a more subtle approach with the focus on our logo and a flash reveal of our digital brand colours (that’s right, we have specific digital brand colours).

This particular email footer was created in After Effects then converted to a GIF in Photoshop. But why bother converting to the lower quality GIF we hear you cry?! We turn to Danny, our Development Lead, for answers:

“There are a lot of restrictions in email clients, however animated GIF’s are being supported in more clients as of late, and this allows us to play simple animations inside emails. Video content is not supported and probably never will be due to the intrusive nature of video and file sizes.”


So there you have it…the power of an animated email signature.

Interested by what you’ve read today, get in contact and see what we can do for you!