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Security professionals

Cloud Ten worked alongside the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals, Security Institute. In operation since 2000, their mission is to integrate the highest possible standards of professional competence in the business of security…question is, how to portray that mission in a brand.


What goes into making a brand?

First step, release your fabulous in-house creatives and let their imagination run wild. An organisation’s logo is said to be one of the most important aspects of a brand, as it’s the first touch point a business will have with a potential customer.

Here we present to you, The Security Institute logo rebrand in its refreshed colours to be used across multiple platforms and brand collateral including web, mobile and print. To maintain a consistent brand appearance, Cloud Ten have put together full brand guidelines, covering everything from print, digital, typography, imagery, and more!

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Thoughts behind the website

When it comes to designing websites, the Cloud Ten team get together around the ideas table and sketch and brainstorm concepts. Once we’ve got the wireframes in place, it’s over to the designers to bring these plans to life.

Whilst redesigning The Security Institute site, there were three important things to consider: form (the appearance), function (how it works) and usability (the users experience). It is essential to keep these at the forefront of the design process, particularly with larger websites, such as The Security Institute. Our designers work closely with the client and the development team to ensure its functionality and develop accordingly until it is just right!

We kept to a simplistic colour palette and tidy sans serif font, supported by large imagery in a block layout. This style was highly considered with the ease of the user in mind. To support the ease of use, we added a hijack scroll which allows the user to scroll and jump to the next panel – filling the entire screen with each panel of information to be easily accessed and taken in.


Visualising the brand

Here at Cloud Ten, we believe in the power of visuals when we presenting ideas. So, at each stage of The Security Institutes rebrand, we’d present to them an array of mock-ups to offer a realistic peak at the brands transformation, and to ensure it  is reflective of the brand image they want to portray.

With this fabulous new brand behind them, we hope to see a lot of Security Institute, so watch this space!


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