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Sewing the dream

I have always been passionate about sewing and all types of craft and wished to be able to share my knowledge and skills” – Helen, the Founder and Tutor of Pulling Threads.

Pulling Threads is a sewing and craft studio who welcome those who have a passion to make and create, with the opportunity to attend weekly open studio classes and workshops.

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Pulling design and thread together

The website not only had to look aesthetically pleasing but be different within the industry to encourage and inspire those to create and take up sewing. Pulling Threads is a massive believer in bringing the community together, and therefore the open workshops had to take centre stage in the website design. Soft imagery visualises their friendly, personable and humanised brand, enhancing themselves as a key player within this growing sector. This is also represented in the tactile materials photographed, contrasting with the structured, monotype font suggestive of the rigid sewing machine needles.

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