Introducing HeyMenu

Imagine, you’re at home, no scrap that, you’re at work. No, wait, lets ‘spice’ this up, you’re on a bus and you’ve just been hit by a hunger pang. Your craving needs dousing with your favourite takeaway food and super quick. But what’s that, that menu is in the odds & sods drawer in the kitchen. Well that’s that then, no chop-suey, butter chicken or something stuffed-crust for you…. Unless, that is, you dig out your trusty smartphone and login in to your HeyMenu App!

All of your favourite dishes all in one place. Snazzy right…..Yes we know that we’ve just described a number of similar services, but HeyMenu are different.

The UK takeaway market has exploded, and is expected to contribute £5BN to the economy in 2017 alone. The UK is dominated by market leaders (we all know who they are!), but their commercial model is leading to an uprising by their restaurant customers due to the ever increasing commission models. (On average a restaurant has to pay 15% commission on every order that is delivered through their websites!).

HeyMenu have identified and launched a new model which levels the playing field. Giving restaurants the opportunity to retain more or the hard-earned profits and consumers new and refreshed choices. Win-win.


How did we help!

In such a fierce market, standout is a must. Competitor and consumer research kick-started the process, leading to a full brand and marketing strategy being developed. A new identity was born, all the business standard materials produced and then on to the website and App design. Working with a large in-house development team, we are proud to have supported HeyMenu through the launch and beyond. Watch this space, HeyMenu are going to be BIG.


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