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Who are the FSS Group?

Founded in 2006, the FSS Group (Field Support Services) is a global frontier and emerging markets integrated support services company, operating on a global scale in 4 continents in over 36 countries through its 6 subsidiary companies.

FSS Group’s unique identity within their market comes in their delivery of on-the-ground field support operations supported by cutting-edge local capability and network of over 1000+ vetted professionals providing essential support services to multinationals, HNWI’s and UHNWI operating or seeking to operate in emerging and frontier markets.

To name just some of their specialities: Risk Management Services, Medical Support Services, Field Support Services, Frontier Logistics, Investigations and Cyber Support.


How did we help?

We were requested to propose a full rebrand consisting of: logo design, business cards, brand guidelines and letter header and footer. There comes a point in every business where brands need revisiting to avoid the following: reasons of; telling the incorrect brand message, targeting the wrong audience and/or looking outdated within the market. These are all popular examples of why businesses chose to rebrand, as it helps raise awareness of your company. A rebrand lets you take on every social platform to present your new look.

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The thought behind the design

The Acacia Tree featured within the logo is representative of the hostile working environments FSS operate in, as well as signifying their roots growing far and deep, keeping the tree secure and nourished in the harshest of climates.

The combination of brown, blue and green represents the various terrains and locations in which FSS Group works within (e.g. dry land, grass land and water). The consideration of colour theory is imperative to choosing a colour paltte that will enhance your brands message for example, the earthy browns represent FSS’ roots and link to the Acacia tree. Brown is representative of reliability, grounding and organisation. Blue is representative of calm, focus and professionalism. Green is representative of nature, safety and peace. This consistent use of colour throughout print and web collateral reinforces the professional brand image as well creating an aesthetically pleasing brand appearance.

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